Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A sample of what you can find in the anthology


He was very brave at the hospital.
I was worried because it was the first time he had been sleeping away from home, without favourite toys around his bed and lacking a daily routine.
I left him my cell phone to make him feel more at ease and to give him an opportunity to call me, just in case.
The first message came at 6 o’clock – I am bored!
Then, around 9, about five more, with the same information.
At noon there was a phone call:
- They will make me THE THING they do to pregnant women! – he whispered scarily.
- THE THING meaning WHAT?
- Come on, ultrasound  - whispering again. But I am not pregnant, RIGHT? – this time he was hysterical.
We arrived quickly to calm down the poor thing. Ultrasound was made. Jasiek is definitely not pregnant :-)

Sacks of gold

We’ve been talking about values recently.
That they are not necessarily measurable in money.
That one could have nothing and would be fabulously rich.
That there is a kind of wealth that make people noble, and there is wealth that doesn’t necessarily cause it.
And we’ve been also talking about feelings – which ones are worth keeping, and which ones we should get rid of quickly.
It all started with … sacks of gold and precious stones.
Because Karol found a beautiful rock crystal and was wondering if it was worth more than a diamond. And he asked me if I was unhappy because of not owning any diamonds.
- Or a sack of gold??
- Or any other treasure?? Because he wished to have it and he wished me to have one as well.
- Well the truth is I do not feel bad at all not having any diamonds or gold!
- What is more, probably, I wouldn’t like to have them at all, because it would make me feel anxious about losing them or being robbed!
- And I’ve already got six treasures at home! - And the fact that I have them is much more important than gold!
So I told Karol straight:
- Boy, I would never exchange you for any sack of gold!
- And for the diamonds??
- Absolutely not!
- And for all the treasures of the world??
- Not at all, it is a dead cert!
- Ok mum, now you sound reasonable!
He heaved a sigh of relief, because he calculated that maybe I wouln’t be attracted by a sack of gold but all the treasures of the world could have been an irresistible temptation :-)

A Present

Karol (9) was to choose a present during our trip to the city. So we took the boys and went to the shopping centre.
We dug through some shops, I really had enough in Tesco, so I shyly suggested to choose some books maybe – there was a vast selection, not too expensive, and I don’t care so much about spending money on books.
He went through the shelves…
And asked if this could be a book for ten zlotys.
I felt nice.
Firstly, he wanted the book!
Secondly, it was cheap.
Nevertheless, I peeked in the trolley:
“100 suggestions for a good sex”.
I pooped out.

Druga-mama, one of the authors of our anthology.

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